Here's the cirriculum that our participants follow.

BeltCRIT A: StrikingCRIT B: DefenseCRIT C: GrapplingCRIT D: FootworkCRIT E: Pattern
WhiteAll basic punches, Basic kicks (snap + turning + cut down)Block, Upper, middle, low, Parry, Check, SlipUnderhooks, Overhooks, Snap down, Ankle PickAll directional movement, Basic stance, PivotsPattern 1
Blue/YellowOblique kick, Low kick, Teep, Double turning kick, Slide turning kickCatching Kicks, Row, Takedown defense, Pull backRussian Tie, Full Hip Throw, Single and Double leg takedown, Standing Guillotine Chok, Basic understanding of angles and advantageous positions
Purple/GreenPull counter, (pull cross, pull jab)Shoulder roll, Dip, Lean backStanding Arm Triangle, Standing Rear Naked Choke, Back take from single leg, Arm drag
Brown/BlueCheck hookIs able to effectively weave defense with offense, and respond quickly to the opponent’s attacksImanari Roll, Scissor Takedown