Introducing KickAction

A non-profit organisation aiming to make spiritual and social empowerment, through the martial arts, accessible for domestic workers.

Our Mission

Kick Action connects students’ passions in the martial arts, digital arts, filmmaking, engineering, and technology to democratise self-learned spiritual and social empowerment for marginalised communities. Notably, Kick Action initiated the first student-led self defence program, as well as the first domestic worker martial arts performance in Hong Kong.


The martial arts were historically founded on combating oppression and spiritually leveraging practitioners. For example, Taekwondo was established and invented by Koreans during Japan’s annexation. Karate was born in the Okinawa Islands as a form of self-defense, at a time when weapons were banned by invading Japanese forces. Such spiritual empowerment is much needed by marginalised community members, who endure a dominant sense of inequality in the resources they can access and the level of discrimination they face. The martial arts’s emphasis on developing control of the mind and body is another catalyst for such spiritual empowerment, given self-discipline is one of its most prominent principles. Kick Action democratises the resource of the martial arts, throughout technology, filmmaking, and engineering, and offers it in a way that emphasizes wellbeing, confidence, and self-learned empowerment.

SDG 10

To achieve equality, one must see oneself as an autonomous person capable of controlling one’s destiny. Martial Arts provides the physical and spiritual tools to do this through the mechanisms used to tackle SDG 3, which allow for reduced inequalities and the addressing of SDG 10.


Kick Action also addresses SDG 5 given that the martial arts is viewed as a skill that is supposed to be possessed by men, because of its inherent violence, and the majority of domestic workers being women.